This page is all about Ben Shannon's music.  Ben Shannon writes, records, and performs in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, the tri state area, and nationally in the United States.

“[Ben Shannon] takes on some heavy subjects in his debut release — local depopulation, family strife — but doesn’t let it weigh him down. The country-influenced pop singer is joined by an all-star local cast (David Throckmorton, Skip Sanders, Autumn Ayers, Paul Luc) on the recording. It’s Triple-A radio-friendly and an admirable first effort with occasional lyrical gold nuggets (“No one is cryin’/ That’s just water that’s tryin’/ To turn itself back into rain,” in “Ghost Town”, for example). The titular final track is the record’s real gem.”
-Andy Mulkerin, Music Editor – Pittsburgh City Paper

“… vivid lyrics — like ‘She hits you on your blind side/gets you so you’re tongue tied/Makes you watch her/while she serves your heart to you deep fried.’ It comes from “Break on Through,” the opening track from “Move On,” an easy-flowing folk-rock debut that highlights (Shannon’s) melodic vocals and a strong supporting cast. Just about every song on “Move On” comes with one of those gems.”
-Scott Mervis, Music Editor – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

 “Check out Ben Shannon, one of the region’s emerging singer-songwriters.”Break On Through” is a Jason Mraz-meets-Citizen Cope-ish slice of plain-spoken pop. Another of Shannon’s songs, “Don’t Break My Momma’s Heart” sounds like Lyle Lovett at first, before taking a surprise dark turn.”
-Scott Tady, Entertainment Editor – Beaver County Times

“Judging by the likable and infectious arrangement of (lead-off track) ‘Break On Through’ which follows in the footsteps of the laid-back style of Jack Johnson, Shannon has a promising musical future ahead of him. The Nashville-born and Pittsburgh-raised singer-songwriter breaks on through in a big way with his full-length debut release “Move On.”
-Clint Rhodes, Music Editor – Herald Standard

“Ben is a spectacular songwriter, the cream of the roots, americana scene. Now, before you start thinking banjos, fiddles and songs about living on mountains… this is an amazingly intelligent, sophisticated, modern and hit laden artist that you will be hearing on radio for years to come…”
-Mark Dignam, Singer-Songwriter – Dublin/Pittsburgh